South Carolina


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When Was it Founded?

The Carolinas themselves were founded in 1663 but the colonies didn't become the separate colonies, North and South Carolina until sometime around 1712-1729


The Carolinas were founded in hopes of finding new economic opportunities

Why Was It Founded In That Location?

Back in 1663 when South Carolina was still part of the original Province of Carolina the land that would soon become the Carolinas was given from King Charles II to eight nobles known as the Lord Propietors. In other words the eight people who were going to establish the colony of South Carolina had a charter to that specific land, (the land below Virginia).

How did they make money?

Due to the fact that South Carolina's economy was based mainly on agriculture the colonists benefitted most on the following cash crops.

What Type of Government?

They were governed by what is known as a Royal Colony. A Royal Colony was a group of officials administered and appointed by the ruler of Great Britain. The Royal Colonies had a representative that was elected by the people

Who settled here?

100 years before 1663, there had been Frenchmen who had tried to settle in the land now known as South Carolina but failed, eventually though in 1670 there was the first successful English settlement. There were even some Dutch immigrants and African slaves in the colony.


South Carolina was not dominated by one spefic religion which gave way to religious freedoms for Bapists, Anglicans and others.
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What Were the Significant Landforms?

Some significant landforms of South Carolina were the Blue Ridge Mountains, including Sassafras Mountains, the Santee, Edisto, and Savannah River as well as the lakes, Marion, Murray, Moultrie and Hartwell.

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