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March 2018

About 6 months ago I sat down with the Union President of India following our Annual Council Meetings in Silver Spring, Maryland. He invited me to bring a group of pastors and hold an evangelistic series in Bangalore, India. So, this month I was able to bring nine other people with me to India. The trip was put together by David Sigamani who works for us in our Trust and Publishing Department. What a trip! I’ve been fortunate to have traveled to many places in the world, but India was one of the most interesting places I’ve ever visited. We had permission from the government to speak, but only when on our church property. We were told if we spoke outside of our property about our faith the government would take away our passports. Just as we were leaving to return to USA, one of our SDA pastors who has churches just south of Bangalore was beaten and left on the side of a road because he was caught sharing his faith outside of his church property. It made me ask myself, what would I be willing to risk to share my faith with someone outside of our protected area? We have such freedom here in America but I feel we are not taking advantage of it.
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We began by speaking in our Seventh-day Adventist Churches in and around Bangalore. All of the churches that we spoke at were full with young families and lots of children.

The SDA schools we visited were amazing! One school had 3000 students, 95% of them are Hindu. They respect our usage of Scripture and our health message. The principal told us they never turn a student away. The students wear uniforms and are very courteous. We visited classrooms and interacted with the students. We found them bright and excited about education. When asked what they would like to be when they get out of school we listened to their big dreams. Another school we visited had 300 students, 150 of them are dorm students. The biggest needs were at this school.

We went out to villages and spoke God’s Word of hope. The poverty level is unbelievable. Following one meeting I was invited home by a family. As I entered their yard two people were sleeping in their beds outside with the cows and goats. Once I entered into the home, their smiles said everything even though I could not speak their language. They were so happy that I was able to join them in their home and they asked for prayer and for a blessing on their home, what a privilege.

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We made appeals to the congregations in the villages. On Sabbath many were transported from the villages to Bangalore where we preached outdoors. Following the worship service we baptized 58 people. We were told that some of the villages could not attend so next week they expect to baptize 40+ more. I know I speak for the entire group that came with me that it will always be a highlight in our lives to have been to India and see those dear folks give their hearts to Jesus.

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The needs in a country like India are vast. One need is to build a church on the property where the school with the 300 students is located. If you can find it in your heart to send a donation for this need, I know how grateful they would be. If your church could raise some money to help our brothers and sister in India it would be awesome. If our schools could do the same, what a difference we could make to that area of our vineyard. Just send any amount to the office marked clearly for India and all proceeds will be sent directly to India. Thanks for anything you can do.
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Other News:

I was asked to write an article using Personal Evangelism for the Southern Tidings from our Union President Dr. Ron Smith. I completed the article so watch for it in April’s Southern Tidings.

Alumni Weekend is March 23rd and 24th, it will be a great time to be at BASS Memorial Academy.

Mortgage burning will take place at Piedmont on March 31. (Praise God!!)

Grace Fellowship Church and Grace Preparatory Academy had their groundbreaking March 16 in Madison, Alabama.

Camp meeting with Dr. Darold Bigger will be April 6th and 7th at Camp Alamisco. (Don’t Miss It).

Camp meeting with Dr. Robert Folkenberg will be May 23-26 at BASS Academy (Don’t Miss it).

Dan Jarrard has accepted the call to Pensacola University Parkway SDA Church

Pascagoula SDA Church has asked to become a bi-lingual church.

Peter Trzinski has accepted a call to the Carolina Conference. We wish him the best and thank him for his ministry here at GSC.

Until Next Time, God bless you,


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Alamisco Camp Meeting 2018

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Bass Memorial Camp Meeting 2018

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