Diego getin Cash

By: Dylan Abramson

One Step Equations Adding

1. At the beginning of the week Diego had $22, at the end of the week he had $52, how much money did he earn over the week?
So we set up the equation like this, 22+x=52, when we look at it we see 22 plus x (the variable) is 52, an easy thing you can do is make the equation 52 minus 22, that would equal 30, witch is the answer, x=32. The answer is $32
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One Step Equations

One Step Equations Dividing

Diego wanted to split his money up equally so he took his $52, at the end he split his money into to equal amounts, at the end he ended up with $10.40, how many sets of $10.40 does Diego have?


Something easy to do is divide 52 by 10.40, so 52 divided by 10.40 equals 5 so to check do 10.40 times 5, that equals 52 so now you have your answer. x=5, or 5 sets of $10.40

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One Step Inequality Multipliying

Diego went to the store to buy some cereal, he bought each box for $10.50, he ended up spending $52.50, How many boxes did he buy?


What we do is we take 52.50 and divide it by 10.50, then you will get 5 or x>5

One Step Equality Subtracting

Diego bought a big bowl to eat his cereal in, he started with $52.00 and ended with $27.00. How much money did he spend on the bowl?


so what we can do is 52 minus 27, that equals 29, or x>29

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