Seedling Sale - Organic -

567 Scenic Drive, Hamilton, ON

Saturday, May 11 - Olive & Kiwi - 567 Scenic Drive, Hamilton, ON

The time has come to start planting and what a better time to buy than at the SEEDLING SALE being held by your LOCAL farmers - the ORGANIC farmers in your area. They've been tenderly cultivating these plants just for YOU!!

While you are at the Sale you can also pick up handmade, organic body care products (soaps, argan oil, shea butter and more) as well as other hand crafted items.

We organic folks are a creative lot so c'mon out to see what we have to offer.

These plants will certainly give you a head start on your garden this year! yum

REMEMBER: The early bird catches the best pick of the plants available

Don't worry about missing out on your morning coffee or tea - OLIVE & KIWI have some the the finest brewed blends around and food ... well, you won't starve !! Finger licking food to tickle your pallet.


Saturday, May 11th 2013 at 9am-2pm

Olive & Kiwi, 567 Scenic Drive, Hamilton, ON