Bastard Out of Carolina

Dorothy Allison

Plot line:

In the start of the story the mother catches her daughter when she sees these tootsie rolls and knows that her daughter stole them from the store. She confronts her daughter and tells her daughter about her cousin that stole one thing after that it was hard for him to stop steeling things even from his own mother and her also. This really scared the girl and she confessed to her mother. The mother then thought of something for her to do so that after this the girl would learn her lesson. She proposed a plan to take her daughter to the store and the girl would have to tell the manager that she had stolen and pay back the money she owed for the candy. Then after the manager told the girl that she can not come back to the store till her mother feels she has learned her lesson.


The theme is not to do troublesome things or you will have a punishment that you really don' t want and this will upset you .

Major Conflicts

The conflict was when the girl finds out that she has to go back to the general store and tell the owner that she had stolen the tootsie rolls and find out what the punishment would be from doing that.

Family Conflict & Crime


The symbolizm in this story is telling how when you do one thing it can change you or you can change how it will affect your life