'Be the leader, be the change' its a 7 days training course constructed according the needs of young society and directed to youth workers and youth activists. This course will take place in Leszno, Poland and will involve 24 participants from 6 EU countries: UK, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Romania and Poland.
"Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others." Its very important that youth leaders have right tools in order transfer relevant information to the local realities and make others grow,developing their transversal competences and teaching how young people of today can use them to achieve their goals, become more employable and build a better society of tomorrow. The TC aims at giving young people an opportunity to analyse their level of many transversal competences and soft skills and greatly improve them through activities of non formal education, thus helping them towards being more successful in their personal projects as well as on the labour market. Skills will be discussed one by one in order for participants to explore them in a structured yet comprehensive way. Constant referral will be made to the world of European youth work as a good example of a field where many of these skills can be applied and utilized while having a positive impact on the society. Space will be given to talk about the tools used to recognize these skills, such as the Youthpass, that will also be issued to all the participants at the end of the project. The project will use the methodology of non-formal education, making use of creative and innovative approaches and taking into account input and feedback from the participants. The TC foresees the participation of two trainers and two support staff experienced in the field of youth work in order to ensure a smooth implementation of the project and to reach the most effective results possible.


We are youth NGO, working on international level from 30.12.2008. We are Regional Eurodesk Point and Leszno Voluntary Service Centre.

Our idea is to make society aware and active