Natural Fibers

Come from plants and animals


Cotton- Soft, white, and downy

  • It is durable, absorbent, cool, shrinks when washed in hot water, and wrinkles easily.
  • It is suppose to be machine washed, at moderate temperatures, and ironed on warm.
  • Cotton is made into underwear, socks, shirts/blouses, jeans, and towel/sheets.


Wool- fleece of sheep

  • Wool is the warmest natural fiber, soft, flame resistant, shrinks in washing machine, and is affected by moths.
  • You should care for wool by dry cleaning it or hand washing in cool water, not placing it in the dryer, and ironing it on cool
  • Some uses for wool are sweaters, suits, coats, blankets, and etc.


Flax- comes from flax plant

  • Flax is durable, smooth, comfortable to wear, wrinkles easily, the creases are difficult to remove, and can be expensive.
  • Proper care for wool is to hand wash or dry clean it and ironing it while it is slightly wet (damp).
  • Some uses of flax are pants, blazers, and upholstery.


Silk- Comes from a cocoon spun by a silk worm

  • Silk is luxurious, strongest of all natural fibers, expensive, easily spottable if fabric is wet, and weakens when exposed to the sun.
  • It should be dry cleaned or hand washed and pressed inside out with an iron on warm.
  • Some common uses are wedding gowns, lingerie, and ties.