Pamlico Sound

North Carolina's largest sound

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Pamlico Sound Satellite Image

Water-Ways That Feed Into the Pamlico Sound

  • Chowan River
  • Roanoke River
  • Pasquotank River
  • Tar-Pamlico River
  • Neuse River


Commercial fishing, tourism, recreation, and resort development are benefits for the economy; habitats and nursery areas are benefits for animals.


  • Black Gum tree
  • Tupelo tree
  • Bald Cypress tree
  • Salt Meadow Cord Grass
  • Oyster Toadfish


  1. There is an excess of nutrients that cause eutrophication
  2. Toxic runoff and chemicals are getting into the sound and killing wildlife
  3. Erosion and sedimentation suffocates shellfish as well as carrying along toxins from rivers
  4. Habitat loss is a major issue; sounds are being filled in or dredged, and pollution has degraded the water quality