Oreo Lab

By Michael Reha and Tia Lewton

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Question 1

Convergent - Two plates that are clashing together than make folded mountains or a subduction zone.

Divergent - Two plates pull apart that create Rifts & Ridges.

Transform - Two plates slide past eachother creating a fault or Earthquake

Similarities - they all create new landforms and create different things due to the types of plates.

Question 2

Convergent - two equal density plates create Folded Mountains

Subduction - two different types of plates clash and one goes under the other created Volcanoes, Trench, or Island Arcs.

Question 3

Transform Boundaries create Earthquakes or Faults

Question 4

Divergent Boundaries create mid ocean Ridges.

Question 5

Convergent create folded Mountains because they have no where else to go like the Andes Mountains.

Subduction create Volcanic Mountains and Island Arcs because the magma goes out the top of the crust and makes a mountain like in hawaii

Question 6

Transform boundaries create Earthquakes because when they clash and can't move it builds up potential energy and when it is released it creates an Earthquake.