News from the GYM

Phy Ed isn't what it used to be!

Check below for what your child is doing in the gym right now!


This year our district 5th grade cross country run will be held at DODGE MIDDLE SCHOOL on Wednesday, October 14th. We are going to use the soccer/football fields. All 5 elementary schools will be present. Parents are welcome to come cheer on all the students.

Running can be a frustrating for some students. We will spend time each day talking about pacing and setting small goals. We build our endurance by taking small jogs and extending them each day. Students with asthma and medical heath concerns are encouraged to go at their own pace and do their best.


I have ONE goal for kindergarten students right now....NO ONE GETS HURT! Okay I have more than that but really, just letting them walk around the gym makes me cringe! Right now students are repeating their safety goals each day: 1) STAY ON YOUR FEET, 2) LOOK WHERE YOU ARE GOING, 3) KEEP YOUR BODY UNDER CONTROL

Their enthusiasm energizes me each day. After making sure all the shoes are tied, strapped and velcro tight-- we are off moving to the music. Students are practicing their locomotor skills by walking, jogging, skipping and galloping to the music and practicing STOPPING when the music stops.

As many of you may have heard, we are learning the names of bones and muscles-- we started this week with the silliest one of all; our GLUTEUS MAXIMUS (aka the muscle in your bottom) Ask your child if they remember the name of the muscle on their backside!

**Parents, please help your child enjoy their gym time even more by sending tennis shoes to school with them. It helps the classroom teachers if they wear tennis shoes to school instead of having to change-- we have very little time to do those little switches so please have them wear tennis shoes if they can! Thanks in advance.

Grades 1-5

Students in grades 1-5 are learning our routine....come in the gym, read the white board, follow directions! Each day students warm up by jogging a few laps around the outside of the gym and then they do a simple warm up found on a popsicle stick. They do this on their own in the first few minutes of class. Each week they will learn new warm up exercises that fit in these 3 categories: strength building, flexibility and cardiovascular.

We are playing tag games right now! These simple games help reinforce our rules; Stay on your FEET, LOOK where you are going, KEEP your body under control!

**Tennis shoes are a very important piece of the puzzle! Students must have tennis shoes to participate in class (for safety reasons). If students do not have tennis shoes they will have to watch and help be my "eyes". Please help them get the most out of their gym time by sending tennis shoes with your child. Let me know if you have any questions or concerns regarding tennis shoes.


My family and I will be running the Big Woods Run 5K located at Nerstrand's Big Woods State Park on October 10th. It is a beautiful run through the state park ending with a warm meal and healthy snacks. There is also a 10K and kids 1K. Please see the following link to check out more details. There are several families and kids coming along with me this year. If you are interested but not sure, please contact me to chat about it. I would be more than happy to run with any RVES kids and help encourage them along the way.