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Weekly News, Tips, and Tricks for Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Calendar of Events

Thursday, May 5

*Second Grade Math Benchmark

*10:00-11:00 Kinder to Sweeny Library

*Wear your faculty shirt and it's a jean day!

*First Grade Fiesta

*Writing Thursday (last one!!!)

*5:30-6:30 Fluency Parent Workshop and ESL Make and Take to be held in the Library

Friday, May 6

*Second Grade Math Benchmark

*Fourth Grade Math Camp

*10:00-10:30/2:30-3:00 Mother's Day Tea (Stratton)

*10:00-11:00 Kinder to Sweeny Library

*Nurse Appreciation Day

*First Grade Fiesta (cont'd until 1:00)

Monday, May 9-Friday, May 13

*Pre-K End of Year Checklist

*Science EOY Benchmarks

Monday, May 9

*Third and Fourth Grade STAAR Math Tests

*Fifth Grade STAAR Math (Retest)

Tuesday, May 10

*Third and Fourth Grade STAAR Reading Tests

*Fifth Grade STAAR Reading (Retest)

*1:30-2:30 2nd Grade to Public Library (Baca/Nieto)

Wednesday, May 11

*Pre-K Field Day (Kinder Drive Area)

*First Grade to City Hall

*Fifth Grade STAAR Science Test

Thursday, May 12

*Pre-K Field Day (cont'd)

*Fourth Grade Field Trip (Ag Ext) at Brazoria County Fairgrounds

*8:00-9:30 Kinder EOY Math Test

*Wear your faculty shirt!

Friday, May 13

*8:00-9:30 Kinder EOY Math Test

*1:30-2:00 Globe Trotters

Blended Worksheets

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Try it out here:

Questions about it? They are most likely answered here:

Second and Fifth Grade Wildlife Presentations