Earn Degrees Online in Less Time

Distance learning grants degrees to students in 1/2 the time

Dubai UAE, (16TH July 2013) – Westland University has gained enormous popularity ever since its launch although it has only been a short while since its inception. Westland is now one of the top-tiered sources of distance learning in Dubai and offers the services of 10 accredited and renowned schools of majors to study in.

Enrolling in online courses in Dubai is steadily gaining more and more popularity every day as people are starting to accept it. Many universities and colleges with brick and mortar campuses have now also launched their online counterparts which are granting online degree in Dubai to students that are the same as the one earned from their traditional campuses. As online education in UAE is still in its early stages, it can tip in any direction but researchers watching the current trends believe that distance learning will continue to be successful.

Westland University in UAE offers a lot of benefit to students who wish to enroll in its online degree programs. It offers it students financial aids in the form of scholarship based upon merit, loan facilities, payment of fee in installments. Its credit transfer facility allows students to transfer and recognize prior credits gained from another accredited institute so that a student need not repeat already passed courses. One of the greatest benefits of a virtual university in Dubai like Westland is its accelerated degree programs where a student can earn a degree of his choice in the least amount of time.

As online study is a relatively new concept both for students and their teachers, learning and training programs have been set up for teachers so that they can be informed on the proper way to instruct students via online means and for students so that they can easily access the knowledge in the university’s database.

About Westland: Westland University offers the most accredited online degrees, diploma and certificate in all the most popular major subjects of the world. Several students who have enrolled in Westland have now established successful careers and are working in Fortune 500 companies.