By Mame Gueye

My Goal for College

  • I want to go to Colorado State University (CSU). I was born in colorado so it will be cool going to a university there. The picture represents the college at night.
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My goal for future jobs

  • My future job is to be a medical receptionists. I think that the job is easy because all you do is sit at a desk all day, answering phone calls, and making appointments.
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  • I want to graduate highschool without failing any grades
  • Then get into a good college and graduate with my masters degree
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Athletic Goals

I want to learn how to play soccer, because I think it is a cool sport to play
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Other Athletic goals

I want to make the basketball team because ive been getting better at it in athletics
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If I dont get into CSU I would go to

Florida State University
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Before being a medical receptionist

I want to be a teacher for middle school
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I might just end up being a teacher..

If I dont want to be a medical receptions