The Running Dream

Kamre Brooks


A girl, Jessica Carlisle, has a dream of running and has always ran, until an accident happened and she lost a foot. Jessica thought her running career was over, but she has her close friends and family who is encouraging and helps her get back on both of her feet and is able to compete in running again.

List of characters:

- Jessica: the main characters, a runner who has a dream to accomplish her goals of running, even when she looses her foot

- Fiona: jessica's bestfriend

- Rosa: another girl who does not have either of her feet, but still manages to encourage Jessica

- Gavin: a boy that falls in love with Jessica, not knowing Jessica is already in love with him

Character Analysis for Jessica Carlisle

Trait 1: self-concious

Evidence- she thinks her dreams about running are over

Trait 2: strong believer

she trusts her friends and family as she goes through recovery

Quote from or about character:

- dreams can come true


Always believe in your dreams, even if the worst things happen

Important Event:

- Jessica gets a prostetic leg and is able to run again


i recommend this book to any one who is going through a had time due to an injury and anyone who enjoys accomplishing their dreams and running.