Saint Ignatius Band Announcements

December 13th, 2015

Christmas Concert Wrap Up

A truly big-hearted thank you to everyone. Putting on a concert of this magnitude is no simple piece of business, and it was wildly successful thanks to the help from students and parents.

A special "thank you" to Mrs. Winans for selling HoneyBaked Ham Gift Cards in the lobby and to Mr. and Mrs. Speier for all of their help with the post concert reception.

My only plea for our next endeavor is to please be aware of call times. We had quite a few Jazz Students in particular that were 15+ minutes late. We had a tight schedule to begin with, and it caused unnecessary stress on us all.

Weekly Schedule

Monday -
  • Pep Band Practice 3pm-4pm (HIGHLY ENCOURAGED for any student planning to participate in pep band this year)
Saturday -
  • Recorded chair assessment due to Mr. Hamlin
  • Pep Band --- Call Time 6pm

Practice Logs

Band Students - a reminder that practice logs are due tomorrow!

Pep Band

Band students are encouraged to participate in Pep Band beginning this Saturday, December 19th! This event will be STUDENT led (unfortunately I'll be attending a wedding that evening). Call time is 6pm in the Breen Center, and attire is anything Saint Ignatius.

Band and Flag Corps Trip Information

Attached to the body of the e-mail is an overview and cost breakdown for the 2016/2017 trip. Please understand this is all tentative. A more finalized monetary amount will be announced in March, when the theme parks finalize the cost of tickets. There is a built in artificial inflation to account for this. We expect this price to either stay where it is at, or potentially go down some.

HoneyBaked Ham Fundraiser

I'm thrilled to say that the HoneyBaked Ham Gift Card fundraiser ended with a profit of $900 for the Band Boosters. This simple, yet effective fundraiser will help offset some of the cost of transportation for the 2016/2017 Band and Flag Corps Trip.

Labre Thank You

Many, many thanks for the students and parents planning to assist with the St. Benedict Joseph Labre event this evening. As of writing this e-mail, I've received a plethora of socks, gloves, hats, scarves, and jackets from many different families. My gratitude is endless as we plan to distribute these to our friends that are less fortunate.

Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic

On Tuesday, I depart for Chicago to participate in the Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic. This annual event draws over 15,000 music educators for clinics, workshops, performances, and networking opportunities. I'm grateful to Saint Ignatius for allowing me to participate. I truly look forward to learning as much as possible and quickly implementing it into the classes here.

January Band Booster Meeting

Monday, Jan. 11th 2016 at 7pm

Breen Center for the Performing Arts

Please note the date change to accommodate the "free day" granted to students!