Symbolism Brochure

By Dylan Smith and Riley Brickman (Our myspace) ;)

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Blue Mustang

The Blue Mustang was a big symbol for the story because it was a car used by the socials when they got Johnny. It is important because the Socs use them all the time. The mustang is used by the socs to get around, it is their vehicle of choice. It is important because it was the car bob came to the park with to get johnny and ponyboy. "The Mustang came to a halt beside us, and the two boys in the front seat got out." (S.E Hinton pg.44)


The switchblade is the weapon of choice by the gang, they use them to defend themselves from the Socs. It is important because they pull the switchblades out when the Socs jump them. it was also the switchblade used by Johnny that killed Bob. He used that switchblade after being attacked by the socs. "He was clutching his switchblade, and it was dark to the hilt." (S.E. Hilton pg. 56)

Bob's Rings

They were the ring that beat up Johnny. Bob was killed later in the book. The rings are important because they changed johnny's life because the rings really messed him up. It was also something to identify Bob from the rest of the socs. "" (S.E. Hilton pg.)

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