Extraordinary Skittle Pop Corn!!

This isn't your regular popcorn Its skittles popcorn!!

Taste the best pop corn of your life!

This popcorn is the best you will EVER taste in your life! The skittles popcorn is very colorful and is only made with natural flavoring. I guarantee you will LOVE this popcorn! Kids these days would love the color and the flavor. This combines their favorite candy and their favorite snack at the movies!!!

Near every store you!

This product is NEVER insipid (dull;colorless) you will never get disappointed with our colors (unlike that yellow popcorn! so boring! Our popcorn is much better!)Many are rushing to get our product so you better hurry into a store near you!!

Some our best employes!

Guaranteed to be the best pop~corn you have ever tasted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Many questions have asked like "Do you use natural flavoring?" And yes we do our company is very trusted with our products. Or like "How much suger does this product use?" Well our product uses about 15 grams of sugar (per bag).

They are skittle popcorn buddies!

Many people theses days have skittle popcorn buddies to share the fun with! Kids would love this product and would have fun while eating!!
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