Music Teacher Co-op Lesson

Smore By: Benjamin Wong

Objective of the Lesson Plan

The objective of the lesson is for kids to learn more about brass instruments and the sound it makes, a little look at how sheet music looks like and as well as participating in gross body movements as well as learning a new song.

What will you be expected to do?

We are expecting best behavior and the being active on participating as well as helping out with some classroom activities when needed. It is also expected to be respectful to the young students when they are being noisy and chatty or doing things that they are not supposed to do. There are a few strategies to dealing with them in those situations such as:

- Echo clapping

- Sitting and staying silent

- calling out "who is sitting nicely?"

Lesson includes:

About the Co op placement

A teacher's assistant is where you assist the teacher in any various activities whether it is math, English or music (which is the subject that I am teaching). They also do everything they can to make sure that the students are safe and that the students are learning as much as they can, being active and participating making their academic career the best that it can be.