State Facts

lousiana, alabama,new york

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capital:baton rough

Nickname:pelican state

date of statehood:April 30,1812

state flower:magnolia

state bird:eastern brown pelican

state tree:bald cypress

interesting facts: louisiana has the tallest state capital building in the united states,the building is 450 f.t. tall and has 35 floors. louisiana was named in honor of king louis xlv. baton rough hosted the 1983 special olympics international summer games of LSU.

tourist attraction:destination louisiana atchafalaya national heritage area,virtual center

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nickname:heart of dixie

date of statehood: december 14 ,1819

state flower:camellia

state bird: yellowhamer

state tree:southern longleaf pine

interesting facts:alabama admitted into the union december, 14,1819.the state nut of alabama is a pecan. andrew jackson won the battle of horseshoe bendin 1814.

tourist attraction: worlds largest rocking chair,U.S. space and rocket center,and wades garden

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new york


nickname:the empire state

date of statehood:july 26,1788

state flower:rose

state bird:eastern bluebirb

state tree:sugar maple

interesting facts:the first american chess game was held in new york in york city has 722 miles of subway track. the first daily yiddish newspaper appeared in 1885 in new york city.

tourist attraction:american museum of natural history, central park, and empire state building.

By:Kaitlyn Zissa