"The change"

By Llasmin Noyola and Glennae Cook

"The change" By Llasmin Noyola and Glennae Cook


Our use of Dystopia...

In this article we made it to where the government is very messed up, the government pretty much owns the citizens. They way we used it was bases on politics today. We were using our imagination on how the world would be if something like this were to happen. Till today we still have a lot of racism in our country. Our dystopia is showing on how things would be. It shows their president they chose takes over and totally separates things.


In the story "The change", the two main characters are different. Ahmed is a static character, he always thought the system was messed up and was ready to change. But Imani is a dynamic character. There are a few plot twist that happen in the short story. She is a dynamic character because in the story she decides to be on Ahmed's side, but then she does a total 180 with the plot twist.

Social commentary/theme.....

The reason I chose for the government to be crucial is because I feel that in today's government that the government hides a a lot of information. I'm making a prediction that the government is going to soon mess up our whole economy. This is shown in our story because a new president gets elected then he takes over and the government hides money from the minorities. Today we have a lot racism in our country and based on some decisions that Donald trump is deciding on doing, it may cause a huge disaster. I feel that if our country increases the racism then decisions will start to lean more toward the event that are happening in our story.