War on Drugs

By:Shalyn,Ian and Blaze


How can we make a more efficient plan to stop South American drugs from entering East Texas?

Past Plans

1.Ordered soldiers to watch the border.


We are going to build a dome over Texas with one gate and x-ray scanners for drugs and illegal weapons. Border patrol will guard the gate. A Giant drug scanner will be placed underground in the middle of Texas. We will be using the Blackbird plane to get where the drugs are censored. Drug dealers will be sentenced 30 years in jail or life in prison if caught.


Drugs are entering Texas and we need to stop them.Texas should try out our plan because it's a good and safe plan to stop drugs from entering Texas from South America.

What we Learned

I learned that people are sneaking. More and more drugs into Texas every day.- Shalyn

I learned that people stash their drugs in places people would never think to look.- Shalyn

I learned That South America is a big provider of drugs-Ian

I learned that drugs are bad-Ian

I learned that drugs are made in South America and sent to here-Blaze

I learned that drugs are made from a plant poppy seeds -Blaze