Motherboard Components

What are the Components of a Motherboard

What is in a computer?

    • CPU – The CPU (Central Processor Unit) is very much like the brain of the computer and follow through simple demands by using arithmetic and logical control over the input/output

    • CPU Fan – The CPU (Central Processor Unit) goes on top of the heat sink which in turn goes on top of the CPU. Its job is to ensure that the CPU and certain other components do not get overheated. One way of doing this is to pass hot air over the heat sink which in turn cools down the components.

    • RAM – The RAM (Random Access Memory) is like a closet. You can retrieve things from it such as files, photos, images from where it is stored.

    • Northbridge Chipset - The Northbridge chipset is connected directly to the CPU, the RAM, the VGA and southbridge chipset.

    • Southbridge Chipset – The Southbridge chipset serves as a connector and connects to smaller pieces of the computer and the Northbridge chipset.

    • VGA Port – The VGA (Video Graphic Array) port connects the video tot the computer so that you can watch the video on the screen

    • DVI Port – The DVI (Digital Video Interface) port is very much similar to the VGA except that it connects a computer to a monitor.

    • USB – The (Universal Serial Bus) port connects different devices to the computer such as a mouse, printer, memory card/stick.

    • NIC – The NIC (Network interface controller) connects a computer to other computer, through a network.
    • Audio Jacks- the connection between the computer and the microphone or headphones.

    • ABG Slot – The ABG slot is how the computer connects wirelessly to other components or devices. They are different types of wireless protocol.

    • PCI Slot – The PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) slot is like the PCIe except that it is slower than the PCIe and more prone to problems.
    • PCI-E Slot – the PCIe (Peripheral Component Interconnect Express) is a very very fast way of connecting different machines and devices.
    • CMOS Battery – A CMOS (complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor) battery is a battery that powers the CMOS which is a small memory part in a computer.
    • SATA Port – The SATA (Serial AT Attachment) port is the connection between a hard disk drive or optical drive and the computer.
    • IDE Connecter – The IDE (Integrated Drive Electronics) connector is a type of connector that allows direct connection between the motherboard and a disk drive.