Grade 6 Accelerated

SJI International Elementary, Singapore. Term 1 Week 10

Curriculum Newsletter (Christmas Half-Term 2)

Language Arts

After the break, the students will be diving into the world of poetry - investigating both modern and classical poems. We will be studying some specific examples of poetry texts in detail, and the children will be given the opportunity to develop their analytical skills as they read a number of poems including: ‘It Ain’t What You Do, Its What It Does To You’ by Simon Armitage; ‘Clown’ by Phoebe Hesketh; ‘Hedgehog’ by Anthony Thwaite; ‘Space Shot’ by Gareth Owen and ‘Hero' by Siegfried Sassoon. As a class and in groups, student will go on to text mark a number of selected poem;, highlighting language devices used by poets such as powerful precise words, similes, metaphors and personification and evaluate their effectiveness and impact on the reader.

The students will then move on to essay writing with a particular focus on Persuasive Essays.

We will be begin by establishing what the students already know about essay writing, and then introduce the four main types of essays, narration, description, exposition and argument. We will study a number of example essays, looking at the features that writers include and how they structure their work.

Students will then go through the cycle of drafting, editing, revising and publishing their own persuasive essays.

This unit will tie in with the students’ previous work on their Motif Projects, which required them to structure a larger piece of work, and will provide a foundation for future essay writing when they enter High School.

Over the holidays, parents are encouraged to share some of their own essay writing (any type) with their children. It s very important that as developing writers, the students explore real-world examples of essays – and what better way to begin than with an essay written by mum or dad! If you have any shorter essays that you would be willing to share with the rest of the students, please share them with us by email.

Denise Nias



The children will continue to work on the topic Fractions for one more week after the October break. Thereafter, the children will focus on two weeks of Decimals and two weeks of Percentages.


At the end of the topics, the students will be able to:

    1) convert between decimals and fractions.

    2) state the value of a given digit from a decimal number.

    3) round off decimal numbers.

    4) add, subtract, multiply and divide a decimal number.

    5) solve word problems involving decimal numbers.


    By the end of this topic, the students will be able to:

    1) convert between fractions and percentages

    2) convert between decimals and percentages

    3) find percentages of quantities

    4) find one quantity as a percentage of the other.


    Date/Day: 1st December 2015, Tuesday

    Children are strongly encouraged to revise the topics that they have learnt, including: Number system, Algebra and Patterns, Number Properties and Fractions.

    Clare Wong



    Geography of China (Weeks 11 - 14)

    Student Learning Targets:

    • To know the countries which make up Asia and their capital cities

    • To know the main physical and human features of China and be able to label them on a map.

    • To know the different physical landscapes found in China.

    • To know the main features of human geography of China.

    • To be able to use a variety of different sources to gather geographical information.

    • To be able to explain how physical and human processes lead to similarities and differences between places.


    Forces (Weeks 15 - 17)

    Students will learn:

    • Forces are acting upon us at all times.
    • Forces may change the shape, direction or speed of something.
    • Forces may be balanced or unbalanced.
    • Forces are measured using a forcemeter
    • Friction is a force that acts when surfaces move over each other. Air resistance is a kind of friction.
    • We can reduce friction between moving parts by lubricating them with oil or grease.

    Donna Ball


    In Grade 6 students will be continuing with the Invasion Games Unit. They will also be working on the 2nd Grade 6 Swimming block.

    In swimming activities students will:

    • refine their arm and leg action in backstroke and butterfly
    • be able to identify strengths and weaknesses in own and others strokes using ICT
    • improve breathing and body position in a range of strokes to improve efficiency in the water using feedback and observation
    • be able to show a range of starts and finishes with improved efficiency, including racing starts and tumble turns
    • use teaching aids to isolate and improve specific elements of each swimming stroke

    In Invasion Games children will:

    • develop isolated skills and be able to select these skills appropriately
    • show control and coordination in football, in passing, receipt and dribbling
    • exert an influence on the game in both attacking and defending positions
    • create overload situations using 2 v 1 and 3 v 2
    • show clear decision-making, knowledge and confidence when officiating

    There will be a mini-unit on Athletic Activity. In this Unit children will:

    • practice a range of previously learnt Track and field events
    • use data and performance feedback to select events
    • refine performance in chosen events in preparation for Sports Day

    Rachel Crossland

    Swimming after the break...

    After the October break all classes shall be returning to the pool once a week in PE lessons. A reminder that your grade lessons are:

    Grade 6A CWo – Wednesday 9.20 - 10.20 am

    Grade 6A DBa – Thursday 8.20 - 9.20 am

    Grade 6A DNi – Thursday 9.20 - 10.20 am


    Christmas Term (Weeks 11 - 17)

    G6A students will continue with the unit titled ‘The Language of Music“. They will focus on two areas:

    (i) the overview of the musical timeline of the history of western music

    (ii) learning the song for the Graduation, where elements of music such as melody and harmony, and important aspects of voice production, correct singing posture, vocal exercises, listening and appraising are the main focus before each performance.

    Andrew Tan


    In Grade 6 ICT students will be getting familiar with Google Apps suite of applications and our new eSchools Virtual Learning Environment, and exploring how they can help us gather, organize and exchange information, and support our learning.

    Students will become more knowledgeable about:

    • different cloud storage options and how they can benefit us at school and in our daily lives

    • Google Apps for Education suite of applications, including Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides

    • eSchools VLE website

    To help us with this project, we will develop the technical skills of:

    • creating and editing Google Docs, Sheets and Slides

    • creating folders in Google Drive and organizing files

    • uploading files to Google Drive

    • sharing files from Google Drive with others and working collaboratively on projects in Google Drive

    • using Google Drive, Docs, Sheets and Slides on iPads

    • editing student homepage in eSchools

    • using class/group discussions feature of eSchools to exchange information with classmates and teachers

    Mr Azza


    UNIT 1: Seeing a Doctor (Christmas Half Term 2, Week 11 – Week 14)

    In this unit we will be working on:

    • Learning the names of some common illnesses
    • Learn to express discomfort
    • Role-play: seeing a doctor

    UNIT 2: Seasons (Christmas Term Week 15 – Week 17)

    In this unit we will be working on:

    • Learn the different seasons
    • Learn to describe weather conditions and temperature.


    This term in philosophy for children sessions, students in Grade 6 Accelerated formed a community of inquiry and explored ideas on:-

    • intelligence and knowledge
    • knowing and believing
    • human dignity and mindsets
    • the nature of time and change
    • values and feelings
    • the influence of playing violent computer games on behavior

    The skills they practiced were:-

    • Showing respect to others by active listening to others without interrupting or finishing off their sentences, letting others have a turn, not monopolizing the discussion and staying engaged in it.
    • Learning to reason by supporting opinions with reasons and plausible examples.
    • Being open and flexible to consider other people’s viewpoints and developing the awareness that there are alternative ways of looking at situations.

    Finally, they were asked to evaluate their experience of being in the SJIIES community and challenged to think about playing their part in contributing to a caring and inclusive community. One of the three Brothers (Brother Larry, Brother John and Brother Jason) came to visit the students who had the chance to ask questions and listen to the Brother tell stories about his work.

    After the break, students will be exploring the theme of 'Seeing and Perception' as well as practicing further skills to make discussions more effective.

    Additionally, to prepare students for challenges ahead and transition to High School, they will be learning four basic skills of optimism:-

    • Thought catching (learning to recognize thoughts that flit across their minds at times they feel worst)
    • Evaluating these automatic thoughts
    • Generating more accurate explanations when bad things happen and using them to challenge their automatic thoughts
    • Decatastrophizing in order to direct energy towards solving problems

    Simone Tan


    In Art G6A students continue to work on mixed media collage and the many techniques found in dry media, acrylic and watercolour paints. Students have successfully explored these techniques and are presently working on combining 2-4 techniques in one work of art. Students will use the inspiring images of travel writers to create a final work using mixed media.

    Patrice Valere

    Key Dates

    • Christmas half-term 2 commences: Monday, October 26th

    • Public Holiday (School closed): Tuesday, November 10th

    • G6A Transition Week to the High School: Wednesday, November 11th - Friday November 13th
    • Parent Information Evening about the High School: Friday, November 13th

    • SJIIES Christmas Fair: Saturday, November 21st

    • UES Sports Day: Wednesday, November 25th

    • G6A Graduation Assembly: Wednesday, December 9th