RStar Weekly News

October 11th- October 15th

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Upcoming Dates:

  • October 15th- No School- Teacher Work Day

  • October 21st - Night Conferences

  • 22nd- PT Conferences- No School

  • October 25th-Red Ribbon Week

  • October 29th- Fall Class Parties

Site Council

Meeting Dates via WebEx for the 21-22 School Year

1st Quarter- October 8, 2021 -8:00 a.m.

2nd Quarter- December 10, 2021 -8:00 a.m.

3rd Quarter- February 11, 2022 -8:00 a.m.

4th Quarter- May 13, 2022 -8:00 a.m.

  • At our October 8th meeting, we shared our building goals that align with the SMSD Strategic Plan. We shared information about our recent Family Engagement Night which consisted of books and packets being sent home with students on October 7th. Our next Family Engagement Night is planned for November 19th.
  • Rising Star has a food pantry which is made possible by our community partners.
  • Bullying Prevention Week was this past week and Mrs. Horn taught lessons and facilitated activities with each class to emphasize working together and the power of this.
  • The RS Site Council and our Caring for Kids committee have joined together to work on our building goals by supporting staff, students, and our RS families.
  • RS is now a Title 1 school for the 21-22 school year. Questions were answered about this. More information will be communicated with families in upcoming newsletters.
  • The next Site Council meeting date is December 10th.
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Reminders from the Office

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Morning Drop-Off Locations

  • We prefer all car riders be dropped off using the car rider line instead of the parking lot. Students dropped off in the parking lot creates a safety issue for these students.

  • Pre-K students are dropped on in front of the school by the Pre-K doors

  • Safety patrol dropped off in front of school by the flagpole (7:45 a.m.)

  • JCPRD students dropped of at door 5.

  • Car riders dropped off in the back of the school

  • Busses drop off students in the front of the school


Join the PTA!

Did you know that the "P" of PTA, actually stands for Parent/ Guardian/ Grandparent/ Community Member/ Family Member? Anyone can become a member of the Rising Star PTA! Membership costs $8.00 for an individual membership (or $8.78 with online fee) and $14.00 (plus online fee) for a family membership. We are required to collect your phone number and email address when you sign up so the state doesn't think we're just making up people that don't exist. :o) Click here to sign up!

Membership fees go towards great things the PTA does like:

-Family Engagement Nights

-Teacher Appreciation (kindness cart, conference meals, teacher grants, etc.)

-Virtual Field Trips/ Assemblies for each grade level

The PTA holds two meetings in a year. This year, the meetings will be virtual.

You get to sign up each new school year!

Sign up by September 30 to be entered into a drawing! You could win a $10 Gift card to Target or some free ice cream from Culver's!
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Nurse Notes

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In response to Covid, SMSD and Rising Star are taking measures to keep our students and staff safe.

Click here to access the SMSD most recent board-approved mitigating measures.

In addition to the SMSD Mitigating Measures, RS staff are:

  • Asking students to bring a water bottle to school to use

  • Grade levels are not mixing with other grade levels

  • Maintaining social distancing at lunch and breakfast

  • Washing hands and using hand sanitizer regularly, especially before and after eating

If there is a positive case of Covid in your child’s grade level you will receive an email from the Rising Star principal communicating this information. If your child has been identified as a close contact to a positive Covid case at school, JCDHE will contact you directly.

If you have any questions please contact Nurse Purcell or Mrs. De La Rosa.

If you or your student have symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and contact your school nurse for testing information. Symptoms to watch for:

o New loss of taste or smell

o Sore Throat

o Cough

o Shortness of breath

o Fatigue

o Headache

o Runny Nose

o Congestion

o Fever

o Chills

o Body/muscle aches

o Nausea

o Vomiting

o Diarrhea

Close contacts of positive COVID cases will receive an email with instructions for testing and return dates.

SMSD only accepts PCR tests for return to school/activities.

If your child is feeling sick please keep them home and call the school at 913-993-4500. This will help us keep everyone safe and well.

If you get your child tested for COVID-19 because they are symptomatic, you need to keep your child home until the results come back and let the school nurse know.


Kansas state law now requires two doses of the Hep A vaccine in order to attend school. I will be contacting parents this month regarding this if their child is not up to date.

All immunization requirements are due on Thursday, October 14th to avoid being excluded from school. I am missing several boosters for students. They may have been completed but I haven’t received a copy of them. If you are unsure if you have turned in all of your students' immunizations, please call me at 913-993-4510 or email me at

To avoid exclusion from school, all well child physicals are due by November 12th, 2021. I am missing several physicals. If you received your vaccines at your doctor’s office, usually a physical is done when the 5 year boosters are given. I need a copy of the physical and the best way to obtain the information is to call your doctor and request it. They will not release it to me without a HIPAA release signed by the parent and sometimes they still will not release it to me without the parent requesting it. Thank you so much for helping me obtain all the required documents of your child.

The following link will direct you to the state of Kansas and all required vaccinations for school.

Please let me know if you need any additional resources or help to obtain these records.

Grade Level Newsletters

Things to Know

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Digital Learning Information

On our SMSD Web Page there is Digital Learning information for parents. Please click here to access this important information for parents.

Have Questions?

Our office staff members are: Mrs. Farr, Mrs. Bristow, and Mrs. Kopp. They are available over the phone or in person. If coming in person, a mask is required.

If you need assistance, please call us at (913) 993-4500. Mrs. Kopp is able to answer your questions in Spanish.

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