High Concentration!

3rd Grade Literacy Game

Alexis Cunningham

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2 Player game

  • Standard- RF.3.1 – Know and apply grade-level phonics and word analysis skills in decoding words.
  • Objective- The students will read high frequency words.
  • Skill- This game is designed to have students practice reading high frequency words.


  • High Frequency Word Cards

Made from:

  • Construction Paper
  • Glue sticks
  • List of high frequency words

Creating the Game

I got the idea for this game from the Florida Center for Reading Research. I found this game under the Phonics section for 2-3 grade. The site give a detailed description on how to set up this matching game. The site also gives a list of 355 high frequency and sight words. You will need to choose 15-20 words for one game set. They also provide those 355 words on pre-made cards that just need to be printed. (Make sure you print 2 copies so you can have the match to the word!) Once you select the words you would like to have included in your game you need to cut them out and glue the words onto construction paper. This just helps keep the life of your cards. I would also recommend laminating your cards! Once your cards are made, you're ready to play the game!

How to Play

  1. The teacher will place the cards face down in straight rows on a tabletop.
  2. One player will pick a card from the table.
  3. The player will flip the card over and read the word on the card.
  4. The player will now try to find the match to the card they just read.
  5. They will then pick up the second card, in hope that it is a match. Whether the card is a match or not the player will still read the word on the card.
  6. If the cards are a match that player keeps those cards.
  7. If the cards are not a match the player will return the cards and it is now the next players turn.
  8. The next player repeats this same process.
  9. The game is over when all of the cards have been collected.
  10. The player with the most matches when the game is over is the WINNER.


There are a couple of ways you could change this game up!

  1. Instead of high frequency words, you could use your classes vocabulary words.
  2. You could have your students use the word on the card in a sentence instead of just reading the card. (This would make this a higher level activity)

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