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December 4, 2014


2014 JSI Volunteer Schedule

Thank you so much to Rachel Tyson for working diligently to assemble the 2014 JSI Volunteer Schedule! Thank you, CGA families and friends, for stepping up and being willing to volunteer for this important event.

You will notice on the schedule that there are some slots marked NEED HELP that still need to be filled. Please consider picking up an extra shift by filling one of the "NEED HELP" slots. Contact us at to let us know which slots you can cover.

Please note: If your availability has changed and you have a conflict with your assigned shift, please arrange a swap with another volunteer and make us aware of the change at

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to see the JSI Volunteer Schedule.

Set-Up & Tear-Down Reminder

Just a reminder: In addition to the volunteer assignments during the meet, all CGA Team parents are asked to help with Set-up and Tear-down.

Set-Up -- Truck Unload -- Thursday Evening, December 11

Since the first session is starting on Friday at 4:00P, we will be unloading equipment from the truck on Thursday evening. Anyone who is available to help, please show up at Huff Hall at 6:15P.

Set-up -- Gym

  • Friday, December 12
  • Huff Hall
  • Anytime after 9:00A - ?
  • We must have the gym set-up for the sessions that begin at 4:00P; this includes equipment, sound system, judges' tables, chairs, etc.
  • Additional set-up will occur in other areas after 4:00P.
  • Please send a family representative to help anytime on Friday for as long as they are able.


  • Sunday, December 14
  • Huff Hall
  • Immediately following the conclusion of the meet around 9:30P - ?
  • We must load all of the equipment onto the truck, clear the gym and all of the additional rooms that we have used during the weekend so U of I students can take finals on Monday morning!
  • Please send a family representative to help starting at 9:30P.
  • We hope to have enough people on hand to wrap things up in about 2 hours.

Babysitting Option During Set-up

For families who are volunteering for set-up and for whom the cost of paying for childcare is prohibitive, there will be a complimentary Babysitting Room provided on-site at Huff Hall for a limited number of children from 9:00A - 4:00P on Friday, December 12.

Advanced sign-up is required in order for your kids to use the Babysitting Room. Please send your name, the name and age of the child, the approximate times the child will be there, and your phone number to no later than December 10.

Parent Volunteer Meeting - Be in the Know!

All CGA Team parents are highly encouraged to attend the Parent Volunteer Meeting that is scheduled for 7:00 - 8:00P on Tuesday, December 9th at CGA. Get all of your questions answered about where and when to show up, where to park, what to do, who to find, and more. Find out all of the last-minute details before our big weekend!

Parent Volunteer Meeting

Tuesday, Dec. 9th, 7-8pm

219 S Mattis Ave

Champaign, IL

Attend this meeting to find out important information about volunteering at the JSI inlcuding: where to sign in, job responsibilities, event maps, parking tips, and more!