Somethings difficult ask for help.

Brock Sundet Per 4/5

Analyses of the Development of Theme

In Freak the Mighty Max and Freak are watching fireworks and Max and Freak so Max puts Freak on his shoulders to see better. If you took away the setting (millpond) then they couldn't watch fireworks there. If you took away the characters or how strong or weak they are Max might not have been able to pick up Freak. After the fireworks Freak see's a bully named Blade that's going to beat them up so Max runs while Freak steers him. Freak comes up with a plan, run into millpond they're drunk and won't swim. This is when they become Freak the Mighty. If you took away that scene then there would be no Freak the Mighty. If they weren't at a pond they could have been caught if you took setting, characters, conflict, etc there would be no Freak the Mighty.

Reflection and Application of Theme

I think it's a good theme because people just think they can do everything by themselves. If you want to ask for help though you need to be willing to give it back. Some people today are just jerk and won't help but some people that's all they do. I think this apply's to everyone because in some state there is no service. Doing stuff would be so much more easy if someone took the time to help you. If people helped then life would just be way more simple.Max and Freak are good examples of this because Max helps Freak by carrying him on his shoulders. Freak returns the favor by steering him.

Visual Representation

Write a Summary of the Text

Max was an average kid. One day some kid with moved in next door named Kevin (or Freak).They became friends right away and went on quests. On the forth of July they went to some fireworks and stumbled by a bully. The bully chase them with Freak on Maxes shoulder's that's when they became Freak the mighty. Freak steered them into the pond where the drunk bully's got stuck in the mud. After that they had the cops come get them out of the mud but Freak wouldn't let go of Max. A few days later they thought they were invincible and went everywhere with Freak on his shoulders. That's the story of Freak the Mighty.