The Crucible

english 3

John Procter

John Procter is a man who had an affair with a seventeen year old girl named Abigail Williams. John has a wife that later finds out about the affair and since then the relationship is not the same. John was a very religious person and help build the church but since Reverend Parris became the minister he stopped attending church. John also was ask to say the ten commandments and forgot adultery because he had committed that sin.

Abigail Williams

Abigail is reverend Parris niece and the seventeen year old girl John Procter had an affair with. Abigail was one of the girls involved in getting caught in the wood but she had done something different, she had drunk human blood to try to get John Procter to love her. Abigail was a mean girl that tried to blame everybody else but her self. Abigail was scared of getting hung due to witch craft.

Ann Putnam

Ann Putnam is Thomas Putnam wife. Ann Putnam blames Rebecca nurse for the loss of her children and accuses Rebecca nurse of being a witch. All Ann Putnam want is revenge on Rebecca nurse for supposedly killing her babies. All Ann Putnam' children died but one thatdid survive but Rebecca nurse did not kill them they just had natural death. Ann Putnam to was a lady that liked to get what they want.


Intolerance was seen in the play by the community people that went to church. Intolerance was seen by how you had to follow all the commandments and could not do anything that was against gods word.


Reputation was something everybody in the community worried about having. Reputation was almost destroyed because of wanting revenge. Reverend Parris carried about his reputation just because he wanted power. John reputation was destroyed because he committed adultery.


Hysteria was seen by all the little girls that got caught in the wood and exaggerated to be in a coma so they would not get in trouble. Betty Parris for example was hysteric when she supposedly woke up and tried to fly and called for her mother. Betty and the other girls were all hysteric because they were going to get int trouble and started blaming other girls that probably were not even involved.