Lakeview Library News

Friday September 23rd, 2016

In our Library Commons Today

Circulation: Book Love Book Talk - Monroe 1,4,6,7

PM: Hutchinson for POET-TEA :-)

During Homeroom

Mrs. Mikel's Class will be here.

We have coloring pages of Indiana to celebrate the torch coming through Warsaw soon!

In our COMPUTER Labs

Blue Lab: Coble (Math XL) / Studebaker ( Sci-Fi Projects)

Orange Lab (Formerly imac): Kolanowski (Math XL)

Red Lab: Kleopfer (Math XL)

F 123: Boggs (Sci-Fi)


FIRST: I was blown away last Monday at Maker Club when Layla Silveus sang - wow - I had a Simon Cowell moment and wanted to sign that girl! This week, Ally Owens will perform - stop in if you can:-)

If you have a skill you would like to teach/share, please let me know... we have T-shirt to Scarves coming in December!


Next Monday Maker Club (29th):

  • Wood Skills: Let's Build a Conversation Table from Locally Sourced Wood
  • Textile Skills: Sew YOUR Initial (Embroidery 101) PLUS Knitting (They are getting good!)
  • Art Skills: Stamping and Stenciling (Cards Galore)
  • Tech Skills: Take Apart Tech (How Did They Make This?)
  • Hi-Tech Skills: Dash, Sphero & Sprk, Makey Makey, Ozbot Color Coding, LittleBits Inch Worm

* Bike Restoration will be offered again next week (Mr. Kerr will be out of town on the 29th)

Still collecting items for our Makerspace.

I've been following several MAKERS and they all have cool names/ this point...mine would be less than flattering - maybe the dumpster diving librarian as I'm constantly rescuing and imploring others to donate paper, plastics, metals, and scraps - you just never know what our students will MAKE :-)

Happy Friday Lakeview Family :-)