The Taliban is Oppressing Women

Basic human rights are being taken

Their Rights

The Taliban are taking away women's basic rights. Women in Afghanistan are unable to work outside of their houses, they actually aren't even able to leave the house without the guidance of a male relative. If they do go out in public they must be wearing a burqa and must have every part of their body covered. If these two rules aren't followed it is very likely that the woman will be beat, tortured, or even killed. Many women are falling into poverty because of their inability to get an actual job. They're being locked indoors with the windows painted so no one can see them from the outside.


Women can only look a certain way in afghanistan. The Taliban has banned all use of cosmetics, women with painted nails have gotten fingers cut off because of it. They can only wear clothing that is an acceptable tightness, not to tight not too loose. They're shoes couldn't make too much noise because "A man must not hear a woman's footsteps".

outside world

Women couldn't leave the house without being accompanied by a man that was related to them, this included balconies outside of houses. They had separate buses from men and weren't allowed to ride in taxis unless accompanied by a man who is related to her. Under no circumstances were women allowed to ride a bicycle or motorcycle, even if they were accompanied by a man. Women would be stoned for talking to men that weren't related to them.
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