Kinematics - What to know

How to Solve the Kinematics Equations

In order to solve any of these problems, you HAVE to write down what you know. This will tell you what formula to use. This is why we have the GUESS Method.

G - given information (the information you know in the problem)

U - the unknown (the information that you are trying to solve for)

E - the equation (using the information you just wrote down, this will show you what equation to use. Find an equation that will only have you solving for ONE variable. If you pick an equation that has TWO unknown variables, pick another one.)

S - substitute your given and unknown into the equation you picked.

S - solve the problem with units (your answer is technically wrong if you don't have units or have the wrong units.)

The Equations:

Big image

(Ignore the x0) If this confuses you, use the ones in your notes.

Tutorial Videos

Click on the links to go to websites with kinematics tutorials, or click on the videos.
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