by Sara Rexrode


Kangaroos live in Australia and a island of new guinea. There once was a huge island but then it broke into separate pieces and one of them is Australia and new guinea. You can also spot them in grasslands and woodlands also deserts and Rocky mountains. They can also be spotted in trees.Can you believe that? When people build homes in Australia they destroy kangaroo homes.

Food and Prey

Kangaroos eat plant and nuts and berries and insects. That's disgusting.Tree kangaroos have a bigger stomach they eat eggs and tiny birds.


A tree kangaroo can jump to get back on the tree 20 feet and 6.1 meters.Kangaroos are known for the ability to jump. larger species can jump 6 feet in one jump and its because of its big feet. Kangaroos can run and jump on two feet but only can walk slowly on four. Kangaroos can not walk backwards.


Kangaroos have very good teeth that helps them eat grass from ground. Kangaroos have very powerful feet that can be dangerous at times. Their smart head and muscular tail is used to balance their body. The bacterial presents of the stomach produces a gas production.


The kangaroos predictor is pumas.
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Fun facts

A procoptodton Goliath about 2 million years ago a procoptodon Goliath was 500 pounds and maybe 9 feet tall. This was a kind of kangaroo that was the biggest of them all. It dispersed scientists think it extinct because of its changes in habitats.

A joey

A joey is a baby kangaroo they suck on there mothers for 12 months.
Kangaroos Can Jump 30 Feet High
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