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Please read the following announcements carefully as well as any attached flyers

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Finally, we are all set to go to POLAND for a summer study abroad program. Harmony Public Schools are organizing its SUMMER STUDY ABROAD PROGRAM IN POLAND. Students are going to improve their language and culture skills and get exposed to a different world. We believe that this summer program will provide more college readiness and change the students perspectives on life by experiencing different cultures and environments.

Spots are limited

Program Dates: June 1st - June 21st

Application Deadline: March 31st, 2016

Program Fee: $3,600

Grade Level: 8th - 11th

Also, there will be scholarship/discount opportunities based on your school campus fund availability. Please contact to Mr.Kilic for details.(sukrukilic@harmonytx.org).

Thank you


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Leadership STEM 2016 UTD Camp information booklet

The University of Texas at Dallas Welcomes Harmony Students for Residential Camp Experience!

Boys Camp Booklet

Girls Camp Booklet

Please contact to Mr.Kilic for details.(sukrukilic@harmonytx.org).

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Lunch Account Balances

Please check the database for your child’s lunch account balance. Once the balance is over $15.00, they will not be able to purchase breakfast and/or lunch and will not be able to attend any upcoming field trips. If you have any questions please contact Leisa Blalock at 214-321-0100 or at lblalock@harmonytx.org
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Cookie Dough Fundraiser

The Cookie Dough Fundraiser has started! Get out there and sell so you can be eligible for some great prizes!

Each bucket of cookie dough is $20.
The money is due on Thursday April 7th.

Here is the list of prizes:
Sell 1 bucket - Free Jeans Pass
Sell 2 buckets - Free Jeans Pass and Ice Cream Party
Sell 3 buckets - all of the above and a Free Dress Pass
Sell 4 buckets - all of the above and a Trip to the Game Truck
Sell 5 buckets - all of the above and a Pizza Party

For the top sellers here are the prizes. In case of a tie a drawing will be held.
Sell 8 buckets - $50 Best Buy Card
Sell 10 buckets - Flat Screen TV
Sell 12 buckets - IPad Mini
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There will be CRLP Boys and Girls camp on April 8th,2016.
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2nd Grade Family Dinner

The 2nd grade family dinner has been rescheduled for Friday April 15th.
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BizKids Entrepreneur Competition

The 9th grade Principles of Business, Finance, and Marketing class recently competed in the BizKids Entrepreneur Competition hosted by Cornerstone Credit Union Foundation (CCUF). Over the past several weeks students worked with representatives from In Touch Credit Union (ITCU) to brainstorm a unique business idea, Booomin’ Fruits, that involved selling yogurt and fresh fruits to faculty and staff at HSB-Dallas. Students then developed a business plan outlining organizational, marketing, and financial strategies that would make their venture a success. The project culminated in a “shark tank” style business pitch made to a panel of representatives from ITCU. A video of the presentation has been submitted to CCUF along with those from schools across Texas and Oklahoma. Who knows? Maybe you will soon see a Boomin’ Fruits opening at a school near you!

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3rd Quarter Awards Ceremony

We will be having our 3rd quarter awards ceremony on Thursday April 7th. The schedule is as follows:
2nd grade - 9:30 in the west cafeteria
3rd-5th grades - 9:30 in the gym
6th-8th grades - 12:30 in the gym
9th-11th grades - 1:30 in the gym
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Spring Festival

Save the date! The Spring Festival is coming! Saturday April 30th!
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Traffic Issues

Please remember that there is no entry through the back gate from 7:00 -8:30 due to arrival traffic exiting through the gate.
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