Pencak Silat

Indonesian Martial arts


Pencak silat originally originated from nias island, a women named Rama Sukana started this type of martial arts, there are many different stories of how this originated depending on what island you are on, one of the stories are that she was watching a bird that was very large, fighting a tiger, she later on was attacked by some men that were drunk and she used the moves that she observered from the animals. she later taught her husband and in was passed down.


some of the weopons are

Kris: A dagger that can fold made out of metal which is washed in acid

Kujang: A blade that is curved like a deers antler

Sabit: A sickle which is a blade that is curved 180 degrees, it is sometimes used in farming

Gedak: A mace or club that is made out of steel which at times have spikes

Trisula: a Blade that has 3 blades on it

Some pictures

There are championships every 2-3 years in different places