The Great Christian Schism

By: Abigail Heck

The Main Idea: Roman Catholics

The Great Schism divided Constantinople into two sections: The Roman Catholics & The Eastern Orthadox Church.

The Roman Catholics believed in God, using the Catholic Church as a place to honor God.

Priests could not marry because they thought it was disrespectful for a priest to be married.

Icons of the Roman Catholics

The Roman Catholics had icons of Jesus, the Holy Mary, or the Saints. The icons represented their religion and their belief in God. The EOC (Eastern Orthadox Church) did not like this.

The Leadership of The Roman Catholics

The Roman Catholics had a Pope that ruled them. The Pope was considered as a "leader" to the people. The people spoke Latin, which is now a dead language.

The Main Idea: EOC

The EOC was a totally different religion, however they still believed in God. Their priests could get married and they thought that icons were a waste of time, so they had idols instead.

Their Language

Why Not Pope?????