Personal Story

Andrew B.

My Little Brother

Ever since I was told I was having a little brother, I remember the joy, and excitement I felt. Adrian was the best thing in the world to me. I felt like I was given someone to look after. I felt true, unconditional love for my little brother. He made me feel the joy I needed, but my perfect world soon came to an end, and was replaced with emotional torture, and tragedy.

This was not a normal birth, of a normal child. Something was wrong. A while later, my parents told me something that impacted my life more than I could have ever imagined. His heart was abnormally weak. Adrian was dead.

This wasn't fair. I had poured so much love into him. he was my little brother! I would give almost anything to see him. just one look, to see my brother's face. He is a part of me and I will always love Adrian, my little brother.