4th Grade News 12/7/15

Mrs. Curtright & Mrs. Foster

Important Information

December 8th-11th-Stagecoach Christmas Store

The Christmas store will be open Tuesday-Friday for your child to shop. Your child will have more information coming home today about what items are being sold and prices.

December 10th-Family Night

Come join us for Family Night Thursday, December 10th from 5:30-7:00. We will be having crafts and games from 5:30-6:30 and our third graders will perform a holiday program at 6:30. Please see the flyer your child is bringing home for more information.

December 11-Last day for Stagecoach Toy Drive!

December 17th and 18th-Early dismissal at 2:00

December 17th-Christmas Party

Our Christmas party has been scheduled on Thursday, December 17th from 11:30-12:30.

Mrs. Foster and I have bought stockings for students to fill with stocking stuffers as a part of our party. Some ideas for stocking stuffers you may send are pencils, pens, highlighters, erasers, small toys, or store-bought candy. If your child is in Mrs. Curtright's homeroom, there are 26 students. If your child is in Mrs. Foster's homeroom, there are 27 students.

December 18th-Pajama and Hot Chocolate Day

Students may wear their pajamas on Friday. Students may bring slippers with them to wear in the classroom, but must wear regular shoes to school for going to activities and recess. Your child may also bring a mug from home for hot chocolate.

Mrs. Foster needs wrapping paper! If you have any rolls of wrapping paper that you would like to donate (they don't have to be new...they can be used!!), please send them this week. One of our projects next week requires a lot of wrapping paper for each student.

Math, Science, and Social Studies

Math-We had a great week in math last week practicing all 3 methods of multiplication we have learned this nine weeks. This week we will work on multi-step word problems using addition, subtraction, and multiplication. On Wednesday, we will begin working on division. Students will learn how to divide using the partial product strategy and the standard algorithm.

In fluency this week we will focus on the 7 facts. Students have fact cards in their binder to practice at home this week. Please make sure your child practices these facts for 10-15 minutes a night. We will not have an accuracy check this week. We will practice the 7 facts daily this week and most of next week and students will take their accuracy check next Wednesday.

Social Studies-We will continue working through our Social Studies unit "The Story of Our Government". We will complete our book "George vs. George" and perform our reader's theater. On Wednesday, we will begin studying the 3 branches of government.

Reading, Writing, Vocab and Word Study

Word Study--All students have new words coming home today. Blue group will be focusing on stressed and unstressed syllables with o vowels. Orange group will focus on silent consonants. We will focus our time in class on their sorts, and students will have a test on Friday.

Reading--We will continue reading The Best Christmas Pageant Ever this week. We will respond to reading through summarizing and finding evidence in texts. We will also be reading and finding evidence in non-fiction texts about the holiday season.

Writing--We will be finishing our writing about Santa's new suit and hanging these in the hallway. We will also be writing about gifts and completing a shopping prompt using collected newspaper ads.

STE(a)M--We will be working on a STE(a)M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math) project designing a trap to catch an elf. We will work on building traps and testing them out, as well as writing about our findings and creating a narrative writing to go along with it.

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