Siddhartaha Gautama

By:Sean Cox

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Siddhartha Gautama is the Founder of Buddha and was an Indian Philosopher.He was a religious teacher who is regarded variously as a human spiritual teacher or an omniscient (active deity).


Prince Siddhartha Gautama or The Buddha ("enlightened on") was born in the northern India near the town of Kapilavastu. He lived with a indigenous Indian tribe called the Shakayas (one of the Buddha's traditional epithets , Shakyamuni, or "sage of the Shakyas") When his father was in rule and was expected to follow in the tradition of raja.


(563-480 B.C.) He was born during an era of great brutality where people with religous belif were questioned the value of all worldly activities and the meaning of life itself. This made everybody in the search for a deeper insights into the meaning of existence,the nature of man and the programs of spiritual reconstruction.


Gautama was greatly into the great spiritual enigmas of life: the problems of suffering, death, and the inequities of human existence which disturbed his father very much.When he was born his mother had seen in her dream a white elephant descending to her from heaven which led a prophet that Gautama was going to be wondering holy man, so the king made a special palace just for Gautama tring to insulate him from the harsh reality and distracting him with luxury. At age 16 Gautama married and had a son and enjoyed a happy life but this did not help him stop him from looking for the answers to the great religious questions. At 29 he made a very important decision that changed his life. He left his family and clan, and went outside for his first time on a search for the answeres to the massive spiritual questions. On that ride he witnessed an old man then sickman and eventually a dead man. He wondered for years to sought the answer by hinu scholars and other holy men but was never satisfied so he took a seat under a tree and was determined to meditate there till he found his answer. When he arose he understoothe cause and cure for all suffer and sorrow and created the 4 noble truths.


While he was under the tree meditating legends say that evil spirits were trying to make him quit but he refused and when he arose he was no longer was Gautama, but had became Buddha or "Enlightened one. Buddha had spent the rest of his life teaching others what he had learned, explaing that to follow the eightfold path you had to understand the 4 noble truths which lied at the heart of buddism and commet oneself to the eightfold.