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November 2017

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Rebuilding IMMS

As you have seen, Indian Mound Middle School is undergoing a major renovation. We are fortunate to have a community who strongly supports education as indicated by the overwhelming approval of the referendum that made this construction possible on November 8, 2016.

In the event that you haven’t had a chance to view to review the facilities information on our district website at this link, I will to highlight a few things about the design of the new space and the construction that I think you might find interesting:

  • The playground has been moved to “down the hill” providing a safe place for students to engage in a variety of fun activities during recess. The students seem to love the playground. The supervisors love it too as it is much easier to supervise as students are in one area.

  • The students, especially 6th and 7th graders, have learned about the construction and design on the first day of school and during Technology and Engineering (Tech. Ed. classes) where they have and will continue to have tours of the construction area.

  • The building design creates very distinct grade level pods that include some new features such as an open collaboration space for use by the entire grade level, a smaller resource space for small groups to work, and single stall restroom facilities for use by students and staff.

  • In addition to adding classrooms, the classroom spaces will be larger (about 925 square feet) and square or rectangular in order to meet the design standards recommended for middle school students.

  • The gym will be expanded and a wood floor will be installed.

  • The 7th and 8th grade science rooms will be located within the pods as opposed to be located away from the grade level as they are now.

  • The new spaces will be enclosed by Thanksgiving so the construction crews can begin working on the inside spaces. As soon as school is done in June, they will begin working double shifts to renovate the current space and connect it to the new space in time for school to start in September.

It may seem obvious why this work is being done as the current rooms are too small, oddly shaped, and there simply aren’t enough of them. You may find it interesting to know that these new spaces with new furniture have been designed to help us better achieve our school mission:

The mission of Indian Mound Middle School is to develop globally engaged and resilient citizens who are critical thinkers, collaborators, and curious learners.

In addition to adding space, this project will allow us to do things with instruction that we have not been able to do. It will foster collaboration, creativity, and flexible and personalized instruction in a way that we cannot do now.

We are so excited for the difference this will make for our kids. We can’t wait to show it off once it is done. In the meantime, feel free to let us know what questions you have about the plan and progress.

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Thank you to all who supported IMMS through the Book Fair this year.

A percentage of the sales is used for stocking classroom libraries and the bookroom.

Your support is always appreciated. A special thank you to the fifteen volunteers that helped us!

We couldn't have done it without YOU!!

Volunteers Requested - Family Consumer Sciences

The Family Consumer Sciences program is in need of some volunteers to help with 6th and 7th grade sewing. We have a sewing unit each quarter, so if you would be interested in helping I will let you know dates when I have them. Sixth grade class times are from 8:35 - 9:16 and 9:18 - 9:59. Seventh grade classes are from 11:29 - 12:10 and 12:43 - 1:24.

Please contact Mrs. Colle if you are able to help!

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6 Ways to Support your Child’s Mathematical Development - Please click below

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Local Solo/Ensemble Festival was here at

Indian Mound Middle School on November 15th​, 2017.

IMMS music students have a long history of participation in the Solo/Ensemble Festival, and this year was no exception. All students in performing music classes (Band & Choir [7th and 8th Grade only] Orchestra [6th-8th Grade]) participated in the Local Solo/Ensemble Festival.

Joe Hartson, (8th Grade Band)

Leanna Hershey, (6-8 Orchestra)

Katrina Lemens, (7-8 Choir)

Brian Vanderbloemen, (7th Grade Band)

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