CW Associates

CW Associates, CPAs: A Hawaii Certified Public Accounting Corporation

Reviews from numerous clients agrees that CW Associates, CPAs is much better than local practitioners in Hawaii. Its professionals have wide knowledge in the field of business and accountancy and their expertise is the origin of the firm’s good reputation, which is similar to big firms in the country. Not surprisingly, its clients include major players in the manufacturing, real estate, retail, and wholesale industries.

CW Associates, CPAs, is the 9th largest CPA firm in Hawaii in the 2014 Pacific Business News Book of Lists. The partners of the firm are keenly involved in the services of the firm. In this fashion, the clients are expected to quickly receive their information, and current and practical answers to their questions.

Each of their professionals is a licensed certified public accountant (CPA) with master’s degrees in accounting or business administration, and has a professional experience with a renowned international accounting firm.

CW Associates, CPAs, provides the best accounting, auditing, and other assurance services to for-profit and nonprofit businesses. Each of their services is tailored to guarantee their clients that they are a readily-available resource throughout the year. The firm is always praised for being opportune and efficient in their work. Their loyal clients are sure that the future of the firm will become much better because of their diligent staff.

Its tax professionals are always committed to do their work with individuals and business owners, as well as C corporations, S corporations, limited liability companies and limited liability partnerships, general and limited partnerships, nonprofit entities with for-profit subsidiaries, and trusts and estates.

CW Associates, CPAs, also delivers tax planning and compliance services for businesses and their owners. Members of the firm have experience with companies doing business in some states and have access to tax professionals in other states. They frequently analyze tax planning opportunities and transactions in progress for tax planning purposes.

CW Associates, CPAs, offers general business consulting services to businesses and their owners, and to nonprofit organizations in various industries. The firm also offers their services to associations, automobile dealerships, franchises, hospitality, private and charter schools, restaurants, and other commercial projects.

CW Associates, CPAs, has the construction industry as one of its most significant part of professional practice. The staff is trained annually in the special accounting, reporting, and tax consequences of construction contracts.

Healthcare organizations are also included in CW Associates’ professional practice. The firm specifically offers their services to community health clinics, medical and dental groups, and providers of long term care services.

Hawaii’s first member of the Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center of the AICPA is none other than CW Associates, CPAs. It requires that all Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) employee benefit plan audit engagement personnel has the existing knowledge of the applicable professional standards and the rules and regulations for ERISA.

Visit CW Associates, CPAs in downtown Honolulu at 700 Bishop Street, Suite 1040. You can also give them a call at (808) 531-1040 and get a chance to talk with one of their committed professionals, or just send them an email to if you have other inquiries.