Your Digital Footprint

The do's and don'ts of posting online by Jason Breininger

What is a digital footprint?

A digital footprint describes anything you do on the internet that leave a data trace. This includes comments, posts, shared links, anything you actively do on the internet. This poster is designed to help you keep in mind what you leave online, and it gives tips on how to create a well rounded digital footprint.
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Think before you post!

  • Is this content appropriate? (Don't post nudity or any sort of illegal activity)
  • Who can view this post? (Check your privacy settings and know who is on your friends list)
  • Is it damaging to my or someone else's reputation? (Cyber bullying is a real problem!)
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Be Wary Who's Watching

  • NEVER share personal information with a stranger online (it's too risky)
  • NEVER Post inappropriate photos of yourself (a future employer could find this and bar your employment)
  • ALWAYS keep social networks private and only post and share appropriate content
  • Remember, anyone who tries even a little bit could find what you post online
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Remember that it is VERY difficult to remove things from the internet

  • People can save what you post. (Once it's on someone's PC, it's theirs)
  • Websites keep an archive of what you post (These last forever)
  • The "share" option can make your post blow up like a wild fire
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