RPEMS & EG Band Update

Newsletter April 28, 2016

Eagle Glen Band Concert

Eagle Glen Band Concert -- Friday, May 6th @ 7PM

Students will need to arrive at the South HS Gym/Commons area at 6:30PM to be ready for warming up.

RP South HS

20801 South School Road

Peculiar, MO 64078

Students will need to wear nice dress pants/skirts and their band polos.

Students will begin their large group rehearsals next week, Monday-Thursday during blocks 3 & 4. Students will need to bring their instruments and music, as well their portable music stands (if they have one) from home.

Students will perform for the school on May 12th in the morning around 8:35AM.

Eagle Glen Borrowed Instruments


If your child has borrowed a school owned instrument, it must be returned to Eagle Glen after the morning school performance. We must send those off for summer cleaning and repair.

Thank you for your help with this!


The 8th Grade band students will perform their concert on Thursday, May 5th at RP South HS at 7PM. Students will need to report to the South HS commons area at 6:30PM to begin warm-ups. Students will need to wear nice pants/skirts and their band polos for performance.

**There is no after school rehearsal today, April 28th. Students will rehearse during the regular school day.


The 8th grade band kids will take their trip to Worlds of Fun on Saturday, May 7th. Below is the schedule and directions for the day:

7:00AM RPEMS Opens

7:15 Busses Depart for WOF--Dressed for performance.

8:00 Arrive at WOF and head directly to warm-up area--have tickets & Season Passes Ready

8:20 Warm-Up

8:40 Perform in Tivol Theater at WOF

9:00 Have a seat in Tivol audience area to listen to other groups

9:40 Head to changing tents (There are two separate changing tents for students to change in after performance, students will need to bring park clothes for the day)

10:00 Head back into park to play for the day

2:20PM Students will meet at front gate of park to head back to RPEMS

2:30 Depart WOF

3:15 Arrive at RPEMS, unload and head home

Other Information:

--Currently my weather app says that there is a chance for rain. We will go rain or shine. WOF tickets are non-refundable. We will perform indoors. If it does rain, the chaperones and I will meet at Noon to discuss options for the rest of the day.

--Parents wanting to attend the event must pay for a park ticket fee to enter and parking fee. Most parents do not attend this event.

--Parents may sign your child out at the front gate of the WOF at 10AM or at 2:20PM.

--Parents may only take their children home. If another child goes home with you, that child's parent MUST get prior approval from Eric.Arnold@raypec.org before Thursday, May 5th.

--I still need about 4 or 5 more chaperones. I know a lot of you have volunteered and I appreciate that. If you are willing, you may ride the bus or drive (you will have to pay for parking if you ride yourself.)

--Students will need to bring lunch money.

Trivia Night @ Eagle Glen

Did you hear that we rescheduled trivia night for May 13th???? You should be there. Form your team now!!!

See how you will fair by answering a few questions for previous year's categories:


Signing up is easy. Visit: http://mrrew.weebly.com/trivia-night.html