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ELPAC or Language Proficiency Assessments for California will be administered on our campus starting May 10, 2022.

This test is part of the California assessment system and is aligned with California’s English Language Development Standards.

These standards make sure English learner students have a high-quality program that will enable them to attain proficiency in English—developing the necessary skills and confidence in listening, speaking, reading, and writing— so they can be successful in the classroom. The ELPAC helps teachers across the state see how well students are doing with those skills.

Parents can expect scores reports coming home soon. These score reports show an overall score, consisting of oral language skills (speaking, listening) and written language skills (reading, writing), and a performance level.

Additionally, families are encouraged to visit the ELPAC portion of this website.

In our district, the test results are just one way to look at how well our students are doing. We use the results to find areas in which students need help in the next school year. It is also important to know that the test results are not used to determine whether a student moves to the next grade. If you have questions or concerns about your child’s progress, please call or email your child's counselor or the site EL Coordinator, or the site Intervention Specialist.

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Translation Needs?

If you need help communicating with GOHS Teachers and Staff, the following GOHS SPIRIT Center staff can support you in Spanish:

Attendance Technician, Mrs. Ramos

Attendance Intervention Specialist, Mr. Carbajal

Positive Behavior Intervention Specialist, Mrs. Grant

Principal Secretary, Mrs. Remmers

Call 951-294-6450

For other languages, please contact the TVUSD Office of Accountability and Assessment, District office Building 12. or call 951-676-2661

You may also submit a "Let's Talk" via the school website.

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English Learner Program

GOHS English Learners are placed according to their ELPAC level.

ELPAC 1 & 2 - will have ELD with Mr. Horton plus grade level English with other ELPAC level 1 or 2 students.

ELPAC 3 - may have ELD with Mr. Horton, if needed, and have a Sheltered English teacher where they are clustered with other ELPAC 3 and 4 students in a mainstream English class.

ELPAC 4 - have a Sheltered English teacher where they are clustered with other ELPAC 4 and 3 students in a mainstream English class.

All students are mainstreamed in content area classes where content is delivered in English.

How are English Learners Identified?

At the time of enrollment, California public schools are required to determine the language(s)

spoken in the home for each student. Parents/legal guardians are required to complete, sign and date a Home Language Survey (HLS) for their child. If a child speaks English only in the home, the child is placed in a regular mainstream general education classroom. If a student’s HLS indicates a primary home language other than English, the student will be given the ELPAC initial assessment within 30 days. The HLS remains on file for each student in the district. The information will assist schools in providing appropriate instruction for all students.

"Pending EL" Presentation for Students & Their Families

Understanding what it means to be a Pending EL

Long-Term English Learners (LTEL)

Characteristics of these students MAY include:

  1. 7 or more years in U.S. schools
  2. Orally fluent in English
  3. Levels of reading and writing proficiency that are well below grade level
  4. Scores of “Not Meeting Standards” or “Nearly Meeting Standards” on the CAASP English Language Arts standards-based achievement test
  5. Frequently limited literacy in primary language
  6. Mismatch between student perception of achievement (high) and grades (low)
  7. Some may get adequate grades, but have low test scores
  8. Often lag behind in meeting grade level standards
  9. Same English language proficiency level for 2 or more consecutive years

The students among this growing sub-group of identified English Learners often demonstrate

native like oral fluency in English yet for a variety of reasons they are not yet achieving levels of

academic proficiency in reading and writing. They often fail to score high enough on standardized tests and/or district benchmark assessments to meet reclassification requirements.

If additional support is needed, the students may be placed in interventions and receive supplemental support from specialists on site.


Currently the district requirements to reclassify a student from English Learner to Redesignated Fluent English Proficient are as follows:

Step 1: ELPAC Score of 4

Step 2: Pass ELA CAASPP with a 3 or 4 - if this is met, then there's no need to meet further data points

If ELA CAASPP score is below a 3, the student must have

  • Passing scores ELA District Benchmarks or District Final Exams
  • Passing grades in ELA and most core content areas

Step 3: ELA Teacher sign off

Step 4: Parent agreement that student should be redesignated.

Step 5: District agreement that student should be redesignated.

EL Monitoring

English Learners and those redesignated (RFEP) within the last four years are required by state law to be monitored for academic performance and achievement.

Monitoring of grades and academic performance occurs every four weeks.

Monitoring of attendance and behavior occurs every six weeks within LCAP monitoring at GOHS.

Useful EL Acronyms

  • EO - English Only - A student who doesn't speak a language other than English
  • EL - English Learner - A student whose primary language is not English, and is still acquiring the English Language in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
  • RFEP- Reclassified or Redesignated Fluent English Proficient - This student was enrolled in the EL Program, passed the ELPAC, is proficient in his/her English Language Arts classes and benchmark assessments, and may had passed the CAASPP (depending upon grade level)
  • 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Year Monitoring - a student reclassified (RFEP) out of English Learner program with in the last four years. Schools are mandated to monitor to four years following RFEP.
  • IFEP - Initially Fluent English Proficient - This student was identified for testing on the Home Language Survey, but tested proficient in the English Language in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.
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