the most unknown person, can make a difference in the world

Barrak Obama

Obama mad a terrible difference to my family and millions of other Americans.He put us 852 billion dollars in debt.Then made everyone have insurance which most people cant afford.And this made millions lose their houses,jobs,and more.Obama needs to stop he's destroying our country and need to be kicked out of office.

if America get's rid of him in the next election and we get a better president we could be restored.Then we could be ranked as one of the top 5 in the world in education and money.So now Americans need to step up get Obama out of office and get someone that wont make stupid decisions for our country.

Now in 2016 Obama will be replaced. As long as it's not him the country will most likely be on it"s feet again. We will be less in debt and not be put in a goverment.

This is the end of my report, thanks for listening.