Come to Star Academy

learn to control your powers

In this place kids with special power can come and learn how to control there powers without anyone trying to hurt them.

When you first enter there is an arch of tree. And when you get to the end of the arches you will see a gate that says do not enter. Enter through the gate and we your on the other side of the gate you will see a castle. And on one side of the castle you will see an ice castle and on the other a fire castle. Surrounding the castle there is a garden with flowers never even heard of. Some flowers smell like french toast and others like cinnamon rolls. There are stables where you can ride horses and there is an art gallery and a cafeteria where the food is never second best.

Don't let this opportunity pass join the fun now! HERE'S HOW:

Go to Orem Utah and find the address 525. Once you've done that find the house with the blue door on it. Ask her for a portal but remember she will only show you the if you bring her a gift. She will bring you to a closet and inside the closet there will be a fancy elevator. She will give you a ride and when you stop and the closet do opens you will see the arch of trees and that's all you need to do.
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