Friday Fancy

Every Friday I will provide a bit of information about websites, books, activities and more. Let me know if you have suggestions on what to share!

Check out Animoto

Animoto is a great way to make a video without needing to know any video editing! It's a simple as plugging in some photos (or video clips) that you've uploaded from your phone or camera (or even those people send you as attachments!) and placing them in the video. Then you select a song from the enormous list of copyright free clips. Whamo-Bamo! You've got a video.

Want some examples?

Here is one I created to welcome teachers to the library!

Or here is a booktalk I created for the book The P.S. Brothers.

Since my daughter just turned 14 on Tuesday I will share the one I made her to celebrate the end of her elementary school years. It's in the link below.)

How could you use Animoto?

--> Book Talk

--> Introduce a new concept / book / unit

--> Wrap up a concept / book / unit (Review)

--> Compare characters / historical figures

How have you used it? What ideas do you have for Animoto?