Celebrate both September 16th and July 4th

September 16th

Why celebrate Semtember 16th? The real questions is why not? Our neighbors got their freedom September 16, so why not celebrate along side them, get some of their culture! We will follow with our traditions and theirs so we can be closer.

Another reason:

You get to celebrate to people an have a reason to have a good time 2 times of the year and get to get a taste of 2 different cultures. It doesn't hurt to try it once if you don't like it well nobodies making you do it again!

September 16th v.s. July 4th


  1. We both celebrate our independence
  2. We both have fireworks
  3. We both have parades
  4. In both countries we fly our flag high and celebrate our freedom!


  1. The president of that time comes out and does a speech and when he's done there's firework show (Mexico)
  2. The way we 'party' is effected by our culture
  3. Mexico thanks the past people (people who helped the independence) more than America
  4. In Mexico we celebrate the day the 10 year war started and in America we celebrate the day we wrote the Deceleration of Independence.

It is important to have these differences because it makes out holidays more cultured to us. It makes it OUR Independence Day and not anyone else's.

Frequently asked Question

What are 4 common beliefs we both have?

  1. We both celebrate the people who fought to give us our independence (In Mexico we celebrate Hidalgo and the U.S.A. celebrates the people who made it possible for us to get our Declaration of Independence!)
  2. It gives us a moment to make ourselves the 'good guys' and really look back and glorify our struggle or breaking free.
  3. It also gives us a day to remorse the people who have died to give us the freedom we may or may not have deserved!
  4. Finally we both believe that we should respect each other's history and remember those who have fallen helping each other get where we are now!



  • Every year in September 15 the president of that time does the Cry of Dolores (after he does this speech honoring the people who have died in that 11 year 1 week and 4 day war) the second he does the Cry of Dolores it turns midnight and it is officially September 16 the day of Mexico's Independence! *insert everyone parties and does a huge parade*
  • You may be wondering why we celebrate it on the 15th and not on the 16th the day of Independence. Well years ago a president's birthday was on the 15th. We celebrated it that day since then nobody has changed that tradition. I figure he decided to knock down 2 birds with one stone (his birthday and Mexico's Independence!)

The U.S.A.

  • The initial date the resolution of independence was approved in a closed session of Congress was July 2, 1776. (The final approval was in July 4th though.)
  • Last but not least did you know every 4th of July the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia is tapped (not actually rung) thirteen times in honor of the original thirteen colonies.