Teaching Digital Citizenship

Social Studies in Middle School

"Filter Bubbles" Making Censorship Relevent to 7th Graders

7th Grade is a time where students are growing more independent and their individual personality is emerging fast. Where do these students go to express their thoughts, ideas, flirts, or friendships? SOCIAL NETWORKING. Yes!

1. http://twinada.wordpress.com/tag/censorship/

Is a great site that explains the importance of understanding the "UNANTICIPATED DANGERS" of social networking.

2. Additionally, teaching INTEGRITY is very important. Check out this website that speaks to the importance of teaching integrity.


3. CHARACTER-http://charactercounts.org/resources/index.html

5. A few lesson plans:



Sexting is a major concern for middle school

"We suggest contacting the primary students involved, as well as their families. With regard to the child who is featured in the pictures, the situation must be addressed in a delicate manner since emotional and psychological harm most likely has occurred (especially if the incident has come to the school’s attention). The student (and perhaps even the parents) should be encouraged to meet (separately or together) with a counselor or another mental health professional to deal with the trauma and stress of the incident." (4. http://www.cyberbullying.us/sexting.php)
We Should Totally Just Stab Caesar

Remember, what you put on the internet will be there forever. It is a permanent footprint and you should be conscious that these choices can follow you into adulthood.