Newsletter Term 2, Week 4

Otautau School 28th May 2021


Kia ora koutou,

What a great effort by all our tamariki yesterday at our school cross country event. It was also great to see many of our parents in attendance supporting their child. Information regarding the Western Cross Country will come out on Monday next week. The Western event is held in Otautau and the students will be running a very similar course to that which they ran during our school event.

The cross country is designed to be an inclusive event to cater for all students from different abilities and levels of fitness. As you would have seen yesterday there were students walking and running. One of our aims of cross country is to promote fitness among our akonga and give them an appreciation for daily fitness. What was a little disappointing to see was some students not taking part in the event but were able to take part in other activities after school. Apart from raising this as an issue in our school newsletter there is little we can do as teachers and leaders to prevent this from happening.

Readiness for School Program

This term we have begun a new program called 'Readiness for School'. This term all our new entrants who are starting school in Term 3 will be coming in once a fortnight on a Wednesday from 2pm-2.50pm. They will be covering a wide range of activities so when they start school with us they will be more confident and prepared to start. They will also have 4 morning visits before they begin school with us.

This week we welcome Leo Cull and Sky Philp to our school community. We loved having you with us this week and we can't wait to see you again in two weeks time.

Kapa Haka Whanau

What an amazing whanau we have this year. Our kapa haka group will be performing along with the school at our Polyfest festival this year. You are all working so hard - here is a little snippet of what they have been learning.



Rylan Auld - 20 minutes free time for class

Charlie McFadzien - Drink bottle

Harrison Egan - 20 minutes free time with friends

Ayliah Fraser - Drink bottle

William Edge - 25 house points



Photos on the school Facebook page.


Thank you to all that supported the Pink Shirt Mufti Day on Monday $143.50 was raised.

Thank you to Larissa, Sophie, Brooke and Olivia for organising the day.

YEAR 5/6 CAMP 2021

YEAR 7/8 CAMP 2021


Here are our Maker space creations this week as well as some ‘clue’ writing. Can you guess what it is?

What am I? I have medium spots on me. I am not from Africa. I am not in the deep blue sea. I’m not in the hot desert. I am not a cool zebra. I have 2 eyes. I don’t live in a boring box. I have armour. I start with an A.

By Indiana Blumenthal.

You can make stuff out of me and you can not eat me. You can not wear me as a hat and you can buy me at the shop. I can not be your pet. You do not want to steal me from the shop and I come in a box. I start with L and I am a toy. What am I?

By Bentley Montgomerie.

What am I? I can move up in the sky. I’m fluffy and big. I’m white. I start with c. I can cover the orange sun. I will go away from the sun. I will move spots. You don’t see me at night.

By William Edge.

What am I? My name starts with R. I am big and colourful. I am in the blue sky. I fade quickly away. You can see me. I am on the clouds. I am definitely far away. You can not see me at night.

By Arthur Edge.

I am red. I need water. I have soil. I am round. I have a stem and I need air. I have lines in the middle of me. I am special and I start with P. What am I?

By Isabelle Hurley.

Answers: Indiana’s armadillo, Bentley’s Lego, William’s cloud, Arthur’s rainbow and Isabelle’s Poppy.



Every Wednesday $2 a sausage if you would like to purchase.


Where: Otautau School - Multi-purpose room

When: Mondays

Time: 3:30-4:20 ⇒ Children yr 1-4

4:30 - 5:30 ⇒ Children yr 5-8


Please contact the school if your child is going to be away. The easiest way is through the School App or you can phone the school office 225 8320.

If there is no reason given for a child's absence they will be marked as truant!!


These forms need to be returned to the school office please. If the forms are not returned by the end of Term 2 then students will not be able to access the bus service in Term 3.


Please remember to make sure your child has a vest on them when they leave home each morning. We will do the same at the end of each day before they leave to go home.


Upcoming Events

  • 31st May - National Young Leaders Day Dunedin
  • 2nd-3rd June - Room 6 Camp
  • 4th June - TEACHER ONLY DAY
  • 7th June - Queens Birthday Holiday
  • 11th June - Western Cross Country
  • 14th-17th June - Year 8 Technology Winton
  • 15th June - Board of Trustees meeting 3.30pm
  • 25th June - School Assembly 10.30am
  • 25th June - Southland Cross Country
  • 5th-8th July - Year 7 Technology Winton
  • 9th July - School Assembly 10.30am
  • 9th July - END OF TERM
  • 26th July - TERM 3
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