Amazing Race

World History

Unit 5 Review

Native Americans

Olmec- There rise/where: Mexico Fall: Mysteriously disappear Gov: The elite

Mayan- There rise/where: El Savdor Fall: many issues Gov: Religion

Aztec- There rise/where: central Mexico Fall: unrest grew among people who had been captured Gov: Emperor/Military

Inca- There rise/where: Andes Mountains Fall: conquered Gov: Emperor



Zheng He- Accomplishments: Led a voyage to South Pacific and Indian ocean

Vasco da Gama- Accomplishments: A overseas trade route from Europe to India and the East Indians was now available

Christopher Columbus- Accomplishments: He discovered the new world

Ferdinand Magellan- Accomplishments:He was the first to travel around the world

James Cook- Accomplishments:First European to go along eastern coastline of Australia an the Hawaiin island

Samuel de Champlain- Accomplishments:founded quebec in canada


Copernicus-he developed the heliocentric theory

Galileo-invented the teloscope

Kepler-he proved that the heliocentric theory is correct

Newton-created laws of universal gravitational